About us

XP 3D-Printers Inc. is one of the best 3d printer makers in China; we have our own developed 3d printers and have a wide range of 3d printers selling online. Our products include DIY 3d printer, Industrial 3d printer, and Consumables.

You can buy our 3d printers for home use, or you can use it as a commercial 3d printer, with our DIY 3d printers, you can easily build your own 3d printer kit. All of our 3d printers are selling at an affordable price based on really good quality.

From our online store, you can find the most accurate 3d printer that can accomplish the best 3d printing service for you. You can also get electronic components and 3d printer parts from us in case there is a need for repair.

You also have widely available options of Consumables to choose, in case you need different 3d printing materials you can contact us for OEM.